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Fields of Gold
5 Agriculture Gems that Haven't Run...Yet!

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You could make a 973% gain again...

The world agriculture markets are heating up once again. Wheat, corn, rice, and soybean prices are working their way back to multi-decade highs. Fertilizer, farm equipment, and seed company stocks have all had fantastic runs, equally fantastic collapses, and could be coming back in favor.

The best part is, despite the ups and downs of agriculture stocks, the bull market in agriculture is still just getting started.

The latest research report will show you how to take full advantage of it. Andrew Mickey, chief investment strategist for the Prosperity Dispatch, states:

“I initially realized the agriculture bull market in early 2006. Ethanol was touted as the fuel of the future, Asia’s middle class was growing faster than ever, farmers were already struggling to meet demand, and corn prices were at multi-year lows. The foundation for a tremendous boom in agriculture had formed.”

Andrew said corn and agriculture prices had to go up…and fertilizer stocks were the best way to get in on the coming agriculture boom. At the time, Andrew’s top fertilizer pick, Mosaic (MOS:NYSE), was trading for $15 per share. In June, 2008, Mosaic hit a high of $161 per share. Good for a gain of well over 1,000% in less than two years.

And that was just the start. In a few moments, you’ll have Andrew’s top picks for the next leg of the agriculture boom. Among them are:

- a farm equipment maker with profits growing 22 times faster than John Deere
- a way individual investors can buy farmland at 90% below market value
- the safest agriculture investment you can make (it’s up 34 of the past 37 years)
- and more…

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