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Market Mood Swings

Turning Market Volatility into Winning Trades

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The markets are extremely volatile. One day the Dow plummets 300 points and the next it gains it all back. The Volatility Index (CBOE VIX), which tracks overall market volatility, is sitting at more than twice its five year average.

But a small group of investors actually consider volatility a good thing. Yes…you read that right. Volatility can be good.

The key is not to fight market conditions, but to turn them to your advantage. That’s why the Prosperity Dispatch team has prepared its latest a report Market Mood Swings: Turning Market Volatility into Winning Trades.

Within it, you’ll learn how to:

- Turn the market’s wild swings into winning trades
- Accurately pick stocks poised to surge upward
- gain from the “overreaction” of the herd.

All without having to fill out a bunch of extra forms at your brokerage office or trade risky options. It’s all here in this informative brand-new research report. Get your 100% Free copy now.

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