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The President's List is an elite research service written by Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing's Chief Investment Strategist. The President's List's goal is to find the most lucrative investments...period.

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Finding the few truly great opportunities isn't easy. Andrew has crisscrossed the world in search of them. From farmland in Ukraine to natural gas in Papua New Guinea to bottled water in China, Andrew was there looking for companies which had the solutions to the world's pressing problems...long before anyone else.

The President's List isn't just about finding truly great's about finding them at the right time. In most cases, that's buying shares when nobody else wants them and selling them when everyone wants them.

The President's List is highly focused on risk/reward and is founded on the firm belief that taking the slightest risk should only be done if the rewards are big enough to make it worthwhile.

That's why Andrew seeks out what he calls "investments at the extreme's." Buying at extreme lows and selling at extreme highs is the only way to truly make a fortune without having to take on big risks.

To do that, the President's List searches out the best investment and trading opportunities with a true "take what the market gives you" style. Whether it's small and micro-cap stocks, options trading, or other opportunities normally reserved for "qualified investors," the President's List searches ideas for ways to make money in whichever way the market goes.

I must remind you, the President's List is a truly elite investment service. Our readers' true identities are 100% confidential. We can tell you though, as a reader, you'll be practically sitting alongside multi-millionaire venture capitalists, billionaire investors looking for the "next big thing," professional traders, and investors looking for new ideas. If you're looking for easy-to-understand, intensely researched ideas, and, above all else, demand performance, the President's List just might be for you.

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Prudent Investor

Prudent Investor
Prudent Investor
Prudent Investor

Very Practical and Useful. Keep up the good work.
– R.S.
I have been reading you for years and I have to say I've enjoyed it all.
– A.R.
Thanks again for your intelligent work.
– B.L.
Dear Prudent Investing, Just subscribed and love your advisory. Look forward to being a subscriber for years. Excellent!!
– S.T.

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